Office Furniture Clearance Docklands

Office Furniture Clearance Docklands

Office Furniture Clearance .com have been providing clearance solutions to small, medium and large corporations situated in London and its surrounding areas. We have a team of helpful professionals who aim to make your clearance or removal stress free.

IT Disposal & Paper Recycling

Office Furniture Clearance .com provide our clients with a complete office clearance solution. This means that we not only help with the clearance of office furniture we also dispose of unwanted IT equipment such as computers and servers.

We are an Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier and all products including unwanted paper are cleared in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our History

With over 60 years experience, we have worked for companies such as Harrods, Sunlife Insurance, Itochu Europe and WSS Media to name a few. We are independently owned which means we are very flexible and are not restricted to pricing models. This means we can always provide the best solution to our clients. We are very passionate about our business and aim to deliver quality but affordable clearance solutions.

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We provide Office Furniture Clearance across London and Docklands



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